State-owned Enterprises Evaluation

Taiwan has a total of 17 State-owned Enterprises engaged in industries such as minting, aviation, postal administration, transportation and shipping, harbor management. Some of them are scheduled to undergo mergers in harmony with the recent government policy to privatize State-owned Enterprises.

Their size and their near-monopoly over some industries have a major impact on the national economy. Their sound management would benefit the national treasury, help drive the nation’s overall economic development, and boost national competitiveness.

In 1959, the Executive Yuan announced the Regulations for Evaluating the Performance of National Corporations. For more than fifty years, those regulations have helped promote the improvement of State-owned Enterprises. Standards for evaluation are set by the competent authority for each industry and each year, the results of the evaluations are submitted to the Executive Yuan in the form of written yearend reports by the National Development Council (NDC). The NDC coordinates with the Offices of the Executive Yuan, the Directorate–General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, and the Directorate–General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan. The evaluation results also contain information on events such as mid-year site visits that serve as a basis for the Executive Yuan to direct future improvements of State-owned Enterprises.
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