Department of Industrial Development


In order to organize the overall planning, research, evaluation and integration of the government’s industrial policies, the National Development Council has established the Department of Industrial Development (abbreviated as DID below). The department is divided into 5 sections with one director and one deputy director. The duties include the planning, research, integration and evaluation of policies as well as projects related to the Manufacturing Industry, the Service Industry,  the Energy Industry and the Agriculture industry. Furthermore, DID conducts economic analysis and research for industrial policies; as well as the planning, research, and integration of industrial investment policies. The names and duties for the various sections are as follows:

Basic Industrial Development Section:

1.The planning, research, coordination and examination of policies and projects related to industry.
2.The planning, coordination and examination of energy policies.
3.The examination of public construction programs related to industry and energy.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Section:

1.The planning and integration of policies related to innovation and entrepreneurship.
2.The planning and coordination of business related to venture capital promotion.
3.The planning, research, coordination and examination of SME and traditional industry policies and programs.

Digital Economy Section:

1.The planning, research, coordination and examination of the digital economy industry.
2.The planning, research, and evaluation of smart city-related industries.
3.The planning and research of policies related to industrial innovation.

Industrial Policy Section:

1.Economic analysis of industrial policies.
2.The planning and research of industrial structure adjustment.
3.The research and planning of policies related to the service industry.
4.The planning, research, coordination and examination of policies and programs related to the agriculture industry.

Industrial Investment Section:

1.The planning, research and coordination of industrial investment policies.
2.The research and integration of industrial development finance-related policies.
3.The planning and application of mid and long-term capital for industrial development.
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