Review and Coordination of Major Public Constructions


In accordance with the Directions for Editing and Deliberation of Medium- and Long-Term Individual Projects of Executive Yuan Subordinate Agencies, medium- and long-term individual projects are categorized into social development projects, technological development projects, and public construction projects. Public construction projects refer to various substantive construction projects promoted by each authority, and are composed of eight main items, i.e. transportation infrastructure, environmental resources, economic development, urban and regional development, cultural facilities, educational facilities, agricultural development, and health and welfare facilities.

Based on national development plans, Taiwan’s government agencies will submit major public construction projects to the Executive Yuan for approval to meet the need for national development. The Executive Yuan has instructed the National Development Council to deliberate major public construction projects in order to ensure each project covers sufficient scope and integrate the resources of government agencies. Through the deliberation of each individual project, the allocation of the medium-term allocable amount will be determined and priorities will be set. Moreover, these projects shall be submitted online for deliberation. It is expected that with various categories of public construction projects, the central government will fulfill the need of long-term and comprehensive planning for national development while strengthening the review and deliberation of its projects and budgets. After deliberating major public construction projects, the National Development Council shall report to the Executive Yuan on recommendations for overall development. The recommendations will serve as a reference for future policy-making.

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