Deliberation and Coordination of Major Social Development Projects

   According to "Directions for Editing and Deliberation of Medium- and Long-Term Individual Projects of Executive Yuan Subordinate Agencies", the medium- and long-term individual projects are categorized into Social Development Projects, Technological Development Projects, and Public Construction Projects. Social Development Projects are forward-looking, innovative and substantial/large-scale projects to prevent and/or solve social problems and to facilitate social development.
   Central government agencies submit Major Social Development Projects to the Executive Yuan for approval, based on their functions and policy guidelines of the Executive Yuan. In order to make the projects more comprehensive and to integrate resources, Executive Yuan assigns National Development Council (NDC) to deliberate the projects. Criteria for projects deliberation are social demand, strategy feasibility, coordination, expected results and influences, predictable social or economic impact of the projects. After conducting deliberation of Major Social Development Projects, NDC reports the comprehensive and perspective suggestions to the Executive Yuan for further project approval or policy making.
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