Government Services Transformation Program

    With the world become more interconnected, citizens are demanding higher-quality public services to meet their changing needs, therefore government services have to be agile to respond quickly in dynamic environments.

    For leading the government agencies to advance services and expand interaction with citizens, the Executive Yuan announced the Government Services Transformation Program, which is based on the foundation of effectiveness, quality, and innovation, and emphasize the principles of fairness, participation, and openness. It is hoped that the Program will lead government services to meet the expectation of citizens and impel government services to an overall enhancement in efficiency.


    In addition to encouraging government agencies to keep up with the changing times, and to effectively respond to citizens’ needs, the National Development Council implements the Program in accordance with the Government Service Award that rewards government agencies for enhancing the connection between service actions and government policy.

   The aim is that the benchmark service actions of the award-winning agencies bring into play a positive influence, driving all administrative agencies to pursue higher quality service performance.
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