Promoting the Regional Revitalization Policy

    In order to address issues such as shrinking population, aging society, low birth rate, excessive concentration of population in large cities, and imbalance of urban and rural development, the Executive Yuan established the Regional Revitalization Board; comprised of central government, local government, and responsible persons from private enterprises as well as experts and scholars that boost regional revitalization. NDC is responsible for overall planning, adjusting, and integrating the regional revitalization-related resources of various ministries to implement and promote regional revitalization.
    Chairing the 1st and 2nd meetings of the Regional Revitalization Board on May 21 and November 30, 2018, Premier Lai designated 2019 as Taiwan’s Regional Revitalization Year and positioned regional revitalization as a national-level security policy. The vision is to maintain the total population over 20 million by 2050s, gradually encourage intra-island migration and reduce pressure on the capital metropolitan areas to achieve a balanced development in Taiwan.
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