Promoting the Regional Revitalization Policy

The Executive Yuan has established the “Regional Revitalization Council” aims to address issues such as the overall decline in population, the over-concentration of people in major cities, and the imbalance in urban-rural development. Comprising representatives from central government agencies, local governments, as well as industry leaders and academic experts, the council is coordinated and integrated by the National Development Council (NDC) to facilitate the implementation of regional revitalization initiatives.
To intensify these efforts, the "Project to Accelerate Regional Revitalization (2021-2025)" was approved in October 2020. Starting from the fiscal year 2021, strategies have been implemented to enhance overall resource utilization efficiency, including the introduction of diverse channels for project submissions, the establishment of local youth empowerment workstations, the activation of public spaces, and the setup of regional guidance centers and project offices.
In order to further advance various aspects of regional revitalization efforts, the NDC presented the "Achieving Sustainable and Common Good Regional Revitalization Project (2025-2028)" to the 3891st Cabinet Meeting on February 1st, 2024. The project outlines five key strategic objectives, which include: "Empowering local youth and promoting sustainable cooperation and innovation in business models," "Expanding diverse approaches to guide private sector involvement in regional revitalization," "Enhancing infrastructure to foster a robust local development network," "Facilitating cross-domain collaboration and facilitating industrial development through enterprise partnerships," and "Deepening international connections to promote global paradigm exchanges and cooperation."
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