Department of Human Resources Development


The National Development Council (NDC) establishes the Department of Human Resources Development (DHRD) in order to plan, coordinate, review and promote policies for national human resources development. The DHRD is divided into six sections with one director and one deputy director.  The duties include: overall planning and reviewing of national human resources development policies, conducing projections on population and employment, coordinating and promoting policies related to population, education, vocational training, employment, international talent, and elderly economic security.The names and duties for the various sections under the DHRD are as follows:

Section of Human Resources Planning:

1. Planning and reviewing human resources development policies and projects.
2. Overall researching and analyzing human resource issues.
3. Taking care of other comprehensive matters related to this department.

Section of Human Resources Supply and Demand:

1. Conducting population projections and related research and analysis.
2. Conducting projections on human resources supply and demand as well as related research and analysis.
3. Researching and analysis on topics related to population and human resources.

Section of Human Resources Cultivating and Training:

1. Researching and coordinating policies related to education.
2. Researching and coordinating policies related to vocational training.
3. Coordinating policies related to industry-academia collaboration, as well as cross-field talent cultivation.
4. Planning, coordinating and reviewing programs, regulations and systems related to talent cultivation.

Section of Human Resources Utilization:

1. Researching, coordinating and promoting policies related to human resources utilization.
2. Planning, coordinating, reviewing and promoting policies and projects related to stimulating employment.
3. Researching and coordinating policies related to labor issues.
4. Researching, reviewing and coordinating labor regulations.

Section of International Human Resources:

1. Researching, coordinating and promoting policies, regulations and measures related to international human resources as well as talent recruitment.
2. Coordinating and promoting issues related to international human resources development.
3. Coordinating and promoting international affairs related to APEC Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG).

Section of Elderly Economic Security:

1. Researching, reviewing and coordinating policies related to elderly economic security issues.
2. Researching, reviewing and coordinating social security policies.
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