State-owned Enterprises Evaluation

List of State-owned Enterprises


I.Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)and subsidiaries

  1. Central Bank of the Republic of China(Taiwan)
  2. Central Mint
  3. Central Engraving and Printing Plant

II.Ministry of Finance and subsidiaries

  1. Taiwan Financial Holdings
  2. Land Bank of Taiwan
  3. The Export-Import Bank of ROC
  4. Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation
  5. Printing Plant, Ministry of Finance

III.Ministry of Economic Affairs and subsidiaries

  1. Taiwan Power Company
  2. CPC Corporation,Taiwan 
  3. Taiwan Sugar Corporation
  4. Taiwan Water Corporation

IV.Ministry of Transportation & Communications and subsidiaries

  1. Chunghwa Post
  2. Taiwan Railway
  3. Taiwan International Ports Corporation ,Ltd.
  4. Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Ltd

V.Financial Supervisory Commission and subsidiaries

  1. Central Deposit Insurance Corporation
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