Administrative Agencies’ Performance Assessment

The Executive Yuan announced and implemented the Directions for Administrative Performance Management for the Agencies under the Executive Yuan in 1951. This established and promoted performance assessment work of government agencies. In order to meet the needs of national construction and development, the Executive Yuan has undertaken many changes and amendments over the years, involving evaluation items, methods of examination, participating agencies, personnel and policy guidelines, etc.

Based on the goal of creating a high-performance government, the Executive Yuan, taking US Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 as a reference, issued “Directions for Administrative Performance Assessment for the Agencies” under the Executive Yuan in 2001, and began to promote the system of administrative agency performance assessment in 2002. The principle of goal management and results orientation is followed to evaluate each agency's overall performance. Each ministry should review and revise the medium-term administration plans and annual administration plans for the next four years according to the vision of the agencies, the President’s overall ideas for governing the country and the main policies of the Premier every year, formulating administration strategy goals and performance measure indicators, handling administrative agency performance assessment after the end of the year. First, each agency shall self-assess and approve operating method style. Secondly, after submitting a review to the Executive Yuan, each administrative performance report assessment results and the opinions of overall Executive Yuan review are fed back to various agencies as reference for the continued implementation of performance management.
In order to strengthen the program compilation of agencies under the Executive Yuan and promote administrative performance management system, considering various agencies’ mid-term administration plans and annual administration plans are all links in the Executive Yuan administrative plans, closely linked level by level, and to be able to implement them in annual administrative performance assessment to display administrative performance management results, the Executive Yuan integrated the “Directions for Editing and Deliberation of Medium- and Long-Term Individual Plans for the Agencies under the Executive Yuan”, “Regulations for Annual Administration Plans for the Agencies under the Executive Yuan” and “Directions for Administrative Performance Assessment for the Agencies under the Executive Yuan” in 2009; it also issued the “Directions for Administrative Performance Management for the Agencies under the Executive Yuan” on April 17th, 2009, applicable since 2010. To promote the long-term strategic planning and goal management abilities of each ministry, each agency is required to focus on agency administration based on business results, administrative efficiency, financial management, and organizational learning; and to set “key strategic goals” and “key performance indicators” as the basis of year-end assessment. In cooperation with the establishment of National Development Council, “Directions for National Development Projects Compilation” were issued in 2015 as a basis for performance assessment to implement national development vision and goals. In addition, according to the approval of the Executive Yuan, the performance report self-assessment and announcement is handled by agencies from 2019.

The purpose of administrative agencies performance assessment is to improve the self-management ability of the agencies so that each ministry can achieve self-comparison before and after administration, and self-requirement progresses year by year. At the same time, the light management method is used to highlight the overall administration achievements of the agency to provide a reference for planning follow-up policies of the agency leaders. In addition, through the disclosure of information, the heads of various agencies are urged to promise administrative goals externally, implementing administrative accountability. This assessment and survey results of administrative performance by other agencies and polling organizations are inevitably different. Because the operational definition of the administrative performance and the survey method are not the same, each agency should collect multi-party relevant domestic and international appraisal and survey results and continuously review and refine administration efficacy in all domains.
Note: Performance report has been announced by each agency since 2017.
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