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    To find new engines for Taiwan's economic growth, the government is looking to establish a “National Investment Company,” with capital provided by both public and private sectors, to fund “ Innovative Industries” in Taiwan. These industries include biotechnology, Internet of Things, smart machinery, green energy, national defense, new agriculture, new materials, etc. The goal of this investment company is to stimulate innovation within these industries and to reinvigorate and boost Taiwan's economic growth.

    This investment company, called Taiwania Investment and Management Co. Ltd., will operate as a venture capital management company. It will employ the prestige of private industry to form a board of directors and formulate relevant investment strategies to ensure the investment layout conforms to the national industrial policy.

   This company’s capital is expected to be NT$ 250 million, and will raise funds investing in Internet of Things, biotechnology and new agriculture  industries. Over the longer term, the Taishan is hoping to raise NT$ 10 billion in funds for future investments to help Taiwan's enterprises to obtain the necessary funds for development, and strengthen the international competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

   The National Development Fund has been approved by the Executive Yuan to invest 40% into Taishania and also the funds raised by Taishania. The investment amount to each fund will be up to NT$ 2 billion.

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