Program for Promoting Six Core Strategic Industries

The promotion of Six Core Strategic Industries was announced by President Tsai in her inaugural address on May 20, 2020. These industries include information and digital industries, cybersecurity industry, precision health industry, green and renewable energy industry, national defense and strategic industries, and strategic stockpile industries. By moving early with preparations and building on the foundations of the 5+2 Innovative Industries Plan, Taiwan will gain first-mover advantage to capitalize on opportunities in the post-pandemic era created by the reorganization of global supply chains.
The Promotion Program of Six Core Strategic Industries was presented and approved at the 3,730th Cabinet meeting on Dec. 10, 2020. The promotional strategies of the Program are outlined below:
1. For information and digital industries, research and development on next-generation semiconductor technology will be conducted, AIoT applications will be promoted, and a 5G national team will be organized. This is intended to maintain Taiwan’s leading position in ICT technology, export AIoT solutions to the world, and secure a key role in the 5G global supply chain.
2. For cybersecurity industry, research and development into such protective technologies as 5G and semiconductors will be conducted, five solutions on AIoT and healthcare will be developed, and an organization for cybersecurity defense and cross-country collaboration will be established. The strategy is to enhance protection of these emerging areas and forge high-end testbeds.
3. For precision health industry, a platform which integrates materials of the Taiwan Biobank and National Health Insurance Research Database will be established, systems of precision prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care will be built, precision epidemic prevention products will be developed, and international biomedical business opportunities will be explored. This approach will promote Taiwan as a role model in the area of epidemic prevention around the world.
4. In terms of national defense and strategic industries, the indigenous naval vessel and aircraft industries will be promoted, 10 key technologies including aircraft engine production and eight core technologies such as marine propulsion system building will be developed, while a national defense supply chain will also be established. For the space industry, low earth orbit satellites and ground equipment will be developed, and the Taiwan national space brand will be promoted.
5. In terms of green and renewable energy industry, Taiwan will build a renewable energy industrial zone and R&D base, strengthen cybersecurity of renewable energy certificate transactions, and create an offshore wind power national team. The country will also attempt to gain a crucial role in the Asia-Pacific wind power supply chain, enabling local wind power products to export to other countries.
6. For strategic stockpile industries, the steady provision of critical supplies will be ensured by stabilizing main supply chains including energy, food, daily necessities, medical supplies, disaster relief, sand and gravel etc. This will also involve controlling such critical raw materials as semiconductor materials and equipment, automotive batteries, active pharmaceutical ingredients and 15 additional important industrial materials.
The Program also adopts a number of strategies to strengthen soft infrastructure, including recruiting and cultivating bilingual professionals and digital talent, optimizing the regulatory environment, and providing responsive financial support. These strategies are expected to help establish a favorable environment to fully support the development of the Six Core Strategic Industries. 
The Program will be jointly promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the National Development Council. It will accelerate the upgrading and transformation of Taiwan’s local industries, and transform this country into a critical force in the future global economy.
Advanced deployment on the foundation of 5+2 Industries
To transfer Taiwan into a critical force in the global economy
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