Strengthening Population and Immigration Policies

Population Aging

  With life expectancy rising, the elderly population will continue to increase. Over the past 20 years, the life expectancy at birth in Taiwan has increased by 2.05 years for males and 3.04 years for females. In addition, the elderly population (aged over 65) has doubled from 2,031 thousand in 2002 to 4,297 thousand in 2023.
  As the number of births has decreased, the substantial increase in the elderly population has led to an increase in their proportion of the total population. The percentage of the elderly population in Taiwan exceeded 14% in 2018, turning Taiwan into an Aged Society, and the percentage is expected to surpass 20% by 2025, making Taiwan a Super-Aged Society.

  To address the issues and challenges of population aging, the Executive Yuan approved the White Paper on Aged Society in 2015 administered by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and implemented by a cross-domain collaboration of various ministries and councils.
  In order to respond to the diverse needs of the elderly, the white paper was revised in 2021, and revealed that independence, self-reliance, integration and sustainability are the four major visions.
  To fulfill the specific tasks of the White Paper on Aged Society, the Ministry of Health and Welfare is working with 14 other central government agencies to promote the Strategic Program for Super-Aged Society (2023-2026).
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