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Mobile Payment Promotion

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In order to boost growth of the mobile payment industry, the government has set a goal of 90% mobile payment penetration by 2025. On October 27, 2017, National Development Council (NDC) convened a meeting with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) and other related ministries/agencies. 

In the meeting a cross-ministerial mobile payment promotion mechanism and three themes for promotion have been decided. They are namely building a sound mobile payment environment, expanding the mobile payment coverage, and increasing consumers’ mobile payment experience. In addition, hospitals, utilities, gas stations and other areas relevant to people’s daily lives were identified as the key areas for promotion.
The implementation framework
1. Implementation: For each issue, competent agencies should set objectives, work items and time table, and hold meetings with related agencies to solve problems.
2.  Cross-ministry coordination and discussion: The cross-ministerial meeting chaired by the convener will be held regularly. The implementation progress report will be given, and coordination and solutions will be worked out during the meetings. In addition, special reports on various issues related to mobile payment will be arranged.
The three main themes
1. Build a sound mobile payment environment
  Sensor interface standards for mobile payment terminals will be formulated together with telecom operators, stored-value card operators and terminal equipment suppliers on the platform of Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards (TAICS).

At the same time, rolling review on mobile payment regulations will be conducted. For example, the Regulations Governing the Standards for Information System and Security Management of Electronic Payment Institutions which are expected to be announced and come into effect before the end of December 2017 will be amended to include the biometric identification of indirect authentication.  User biometrics will be collected, saved and identified by the user’s devices, and the authentication results will be read by the electronic payment institution. 

In addition, rules will be set for mobile payment information security to enhance the protection of transaction information. The government will also keep improving the infrastructure of mobile internet to make sure people get the service with better quality and stability.
2. Expand mobile payment coverage
  Items which are related to people’s daily lives, frequently consumed, well-developed, and which Government holds leading positions will be prioritized for promotion. It is expected that by 2018 mobile payment service will be offered in 20 large hospitals and 610 gas stations. 80,000 households will pay their utility bills through mobile payment, and 450,000 Civil Servant Travel Allowance Cards will be integrated with mobile payment system.

Furthermore, the government will accelerate the installation of mobile payment terminals in public transport stations, museums and galleries, university campuses and others, which would allow mobile payment services to cover almost every aspect of people’s daily life.

In Taiwan, there are hundreds of thousands of small-scale merchants, which are closely related to Taiwanese’s life. The government will provide tax incentives to reduce the burden of these small-scale merchants to adopt mobile payment.    
3.  Increase consumers’ mobile payment experience 
  Promotional events such as PAYGO (No Cash Day) will be organized by Government and financial institutions as well as payment operators to encourage consumers to use mobile payment services. Event incentives would include e-cash, e-coupons, bonus points, free gifts, lucky draws and others. 

In the meantime, the Mobile Payment Application Services Alliance composed of 29 companies from telecommunications, payment and retail businesses has been established. With the Government’s support and incentives, the Alliance will promote mobile payment scheme and launch promotional events. 

In addition, to improve the experience of payment, the government is going to integrate mobile payment and e-invoice, which will upload the invoice into cloud database synchronously when people are paying by mobile phone.


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