Mobile Payment Promotion

In order to boost growth of the mobile payment industry, the government has set a goal of 90% mobile payment penetration by 2025. On October 27, 2017, National Development Council (NDC) convened a meeting with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), Ministry of Transport and Communications (MOTC) and other related ministries/agencies.

In the meeting a cross-ministerial mobile payment promotion mechanism and three themes for promotion have been decided. They are namely building a sound mobile payment environment, expanding the mobile payment coverage, and increasing consumers’ mobile payment experience. In addition, hospitals, utilities, gas stations and other areas relevant to people’s daily lives were identified as the key areas for promotion.
The implementation framework
1. Implementation: For each issue, competent agencies should set objectives, work items and time table, and hold meetings with related agencies to solve problems.
2. Cross-ministry coordination and discussion: Basically the cross-ministerial meeting chaired by the convener will be held regularly. The implementation progress report will be given, and coordination and solutions will be worked out during the meetings. In addition, special reports on various issues related to mobile payment will be arranged. 
The three main themes
1. Building a sound mobile payment environment
  Mobile payment related regulations will be reviewed on a rolling basis, such as promoting the integration of the Act Governing Electronic Payment Institutions and Act Governing Issuance of Electronic Stored Value Cards, building an e-payment cross-institution platform, allowing mobile payment operators to engage in mutual transfer and share points, and thus create a good environment for the growth of the mobile payment industry. Regulations on mobile payment information security will also be drawn up, such as promoting a mobile payment APP basic information security validation mechanism to enhance transaction data protection. Also, improvement of the mobile network environment will be continued, such as promoting the establishment of bases and improving broadband access in remote areas to raise the quality level of mobile communications services in Taiwan. 
2. Expanding mobile payment coverage 
  Mobile payment will be expanded into diverse areas, such as administrative fees, hospitals and clinics, national parks and farmers markets. Also, more efforts will be made to assist all state-owned gas stations to replace old self-service refueling equipment with new ones to introduce mobile payment services. In coordination with the accelerated digitization of electronic stored value cards, mobile payment use in the areas of transport, tourism and schools will be promoted to increase the mobile payment use rate of the young. Civil servants will be encouraged to use mobile payment when they swipe the citizen travel card to set an example.
3. Increasing consumers’ mobile payment experience 
  Large-scale events combined with local cultural festivals will be held, carrying out themed promotion of mobile payment. Central and local governments will also cooperate and jointly advocate mobile payment and enhance the mobile payment experience situation. Also, the promotion of the combination of mobile payment with cloud invoices will continue to increase the cloud invoice use rate.
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