Strategies and Goals

The major strategies of ASVDP 2.0 include expanding application of AIoT technologies, upgrading Taiwan’s startup ecosystem, and integrating local system integrators capacity.
1. Expanding the application of AIoT technologies
  Accelerating R&D of key AIoT technologies, promoting the localization of 5G Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN), strengthening the application of 5G, AI and other digital technologies, and facilitating smart urban-rural cooperation.
2. Upgrading Taiwan’s startup ecosystem Increasing investment and 
  financing to accelerate startup growth, guiding overseas talents to connect with local industries, promoting diversified startup exits to drive a positive cycle, and creating national startup brand to strengthen business expansion.
3. Integrating local system integrators capacity & exporting 
  products/services overseas
Deepening international partnership in area of IoT, building a world class ASVDP innovation hub, and promoting exports of AIoT solutions to overseas markets. 
ASVDP 2.0 is implemented from 2021 to 2024, aiming to achieve the goals below:
1. Establishing 3 global system integrators in Taiwan.
2. Increasing Taiwan's IoT global market share to 5% by 2025.
3. Exporting 20 AIoT solutions overseas.
4. Facilitating 40 successful startup exits.
5. Assisting 200 startups to thrive.
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