Strategies and Goals

1. Promote AI, AIoT innovative applications
  Integrate generative AI, miniaturized AI, 5G and satellite networks to promote system integration of hardware and software that enables the development of diverse vertical applications and the conversion of emerging technologies into scalable use cases. Additionally, use AIoT as a means to ease Taiwanese industry's transition to digital and net-zero carbon operating models, creating new business opportunities in partnership with global industry.
2. Develop a thriving startup "rainforest ecosystem"
  Inject fresh momentum into startup growth through the National Development Fund's strategic investments, and promote capital investment by the insurance industry, venture capital and other private funds. Encourage startups to work with corporations and research institutes in developing tech R&D, proof of concepts and other business partnerships for the creation of mutually beneficial outcomes. Propose expanded tax benefits for angel investors and provide tax incentives for investing in, acquiring or merging with startups. Optimize the environment for startups to grow, assist domestic innovative talent to pursue training abroad, and attract international talent to Taiwan.
3. Expand Taiwan's global digital presence
  Expand promotion of the national brand Startup Island TAIWAN, and establish offices in key markets such as in Tokyo, Japan and California's Silicon Valley. Additionally, expand the export of smart solutions and attract strategic technology startups in areas such as chips and drones to create synergies with Taiwanese industry and strengthen international cooperation and global presence.
1. Increasing Taiwan's IoT global market share to 5.2% by 2028.
2. Promoting a total of 300 artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) smart solutions (including 100 solutions exported).
3. Establishing 3 overseas bases in key markets.
4. Enlarging the amount of funding raised by startups to US$5 billion.
5. Facilitating 100 successful startup exits.
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