Origin and Pillars

National Development Council (NDC) has implemented the Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan (ASVDP 1.0) with various ministries since 2016.
The Plan has two primary goals: firstly, promoting innovation and R&D for devices and applications of Internet of Things (IoT), and secondly, enhancing Taiwan’s startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem. So far some solid results have been obtained. For example, Taiwan was rated as one of the four super innovators alongside Germany, Switzerland and the U.S. in two consecutive years of 2018 & 2019. And the output value of Taiwan's Internet of Things (IoT) sector has already exceeded NT$ 1 trillion. The Plan has also assisted startups in obtaining funds for development and participation in global exhibitions. The Plan has actually laid a good foundation for digital transformation of Taiwan’s industries.
With the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G in recent years, the application of IoT has been more and more adopted, which is helpful for the development of various innovative services. Moreover, as Taiwan’s startup ecosystem is increasingly booming, it is necessary to accelerate startup exits in the future. On top of ASVDP 1.0, NDC coordinated several ministries to jointly formulate the "Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan 2.0" (ASVDP 2.0) and launched it in August 2021. With the help of ASVDP 2.0, Taiwan is expected to be a key digital innovator in Asia.
Vision and Pillars
1. Vision
  The Plan is aiming at making Taiwan the key digital innovator in Asia.
2. Policy Pillars
  (1) Accelerating industrial evolution with AIoT
    With increasing popularity of internet-connected devices and rapid development of AI and 5G, intelligent IoT has been widespread in all perspectives of industries and lives, such as smart transportation, smart logistics, smart business etc. It accelerates intelligentization of various industries.
  (2) Driving next generation industry with innovation from startups 
    The trend of corporate-startup engagement is prevailing all over the world. Tech giants such as Google, Apple and Facebook maintain their capabilities of innovation through investment in or M&A of startups. The moves not only help boost startups growth, but also drive corporate transformation with the innovation coming from startups. Furthermore, the innovative products or services developed by startups will also help enhance industry productivity. By offering more testbeds to startups for their pilot projects, the ASVDP could help startups to accumulate their capabilities for global expansion, and boost industry growth as well.
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