Figure 1 system framework of GPMnet
To achieve administrative objectives and maintain administrative performance, the Executive Yuan manages the most important projects under its control every year. All projects are categorized by the NDC into one of three levels based on their importance: "controlled by the Executive Yuan," "controlled by ministries," and "controlled by the responsible agency." Executive Yuan-controlled projects, by their nature, are monitored by both the NDC and the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC). The NDC oversees social development projects and public construction projects, while the NSTC is responsible for science and technology projects. The controlling agencies monitor the implementation process and employ control and evaluation systems to ensure that the project can achieve its administrative objectives.
Since 2001, projects at all levels have been monitored. Every government agency is currently implementing versatile project control through the Government Project Management Network (GPMnet) system (refer to the system framework in the figure), accessed through a unified internet portal, to execute its control and evaluation tasks.
Projects listed as generally or specially managed will be incorporated into annual work plans drafted by the responsible agencies. Information regarding the implementation status will be uploaded and updated monthly or quarterly to facilitate control of the most recent progress. Additionally, the NDC submits the Executive Yuan-controlled project implementation report to the Premier quarterly and distributes the approved report to all relevant agencies promptly. Following the principle of management by exception, in the case of items that are important or significantly behind schedule, the controlling agencies will conduct field inspections or visits and guide or coordinate the resolution of problems and difficulties.
At the end of the year, the performance of all projects should be evaluated, with emphasis on the degree of objective attainment and actual targets of indicators. The performances are also evaluated at the three levels. Projects controlled by the Executive Yuan are evaluated by the NDC and NSTC, with the performance report forwarded to the Prime Minister for final approval. Furthermore, all medium and long-term projects should submit a final report for job attainment goals and operational assessment at the end of the expiration year.
To enhance the transparency of government administration, the NDC establishes a "Supervise" area under the "Public Policy Network Participation Platform" and publicizes information about the projects. The easy-to-understand graphical information, including project summaries, progress, and budget execution, provides the public with the latest implementation status and a link to the government to promote multi-stakeholder participation.
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