Transforming Government through Digitization

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As the environmental changing with globalization, internationalization, decentralization, marketization and the rise of digital citizenship, the development of e-government in advanced countries has evolved from an early focus on “public affairs management” to today’s “public service innovation” and is gradually moving forward to “public value creation.” At the same time, the influence of digital-government has gradually expanded from government administration to political, social and economic development .
The widespread use of digital government services has considerable influence in promoting the development of civil society, the pursuit of social justice and the construction of a quality cyber society. Taiwan started to plan e-government masterplan in 1998 and has completed the first stage, which included the establishment of a government network infrastructure and stage two which focused on the promotion of network application. The stage three Quality Network Government Program continued to promote and provide ubiquitous government services, while helping to transform the government into an active government with regard e-governance. Stage four, the E-government Program seeked to provide comprehensive services, by improving internal operational efficiency while, externally, also enhancing the quality of services available to the public, with a focus on social care and fair participation as part of a vision of seamless services and improving people’s lives. In the current stage, the objectives of the Service-oriented Smart Government Promotion Program include “provide more convenient services” and “realize transparent governance,” to showcase the value of government digital services and cultivate digital competitiveness of the nation.
The NDC has planned its smart government efforts in accordance with instructions from the Premier at the June 7, 2018, No. 3603 Cabinet Meeting, reporting on the “Smart Government Program” at the 3632 Cabinet Meeting of Dec. 27, the same year, for which approval was received. The concept at the core of Smart Government Program is “with data as the base, building a next-generation public-private collaboration governance model to enhance trust between the government and public.” The NDC will draft an overall action plan and coordinate with various government departments to realize the goal of smart government; cross-agencies service processes will be streamlined based on public requirements and a secure and reliable backbone network used to share data across agencies and thereby optimize its application value.
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