Action Plan for Enhancing Taiwan’s Startup Ecosystem

Taiwan National Startup Brand - Startup Island TAIWAN

Origin and Background
Taiwan’s startup ecosystem has blossomed over the last few years, with good performance in the international arena. According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2018 and 2019 released by World Economic Forum, Taiwan, ranking 1st in the Asia Pacific Region and 4th in the world (behind Germany, the U.S. and Switzerland) in the category of innovation capability, was considered a super innovator. The good performance is partly because of the Taiwan government’s effort in pushing forward policies of innovation and entrepreneurship in recent years. In February 2018, it launched the Action Plan for Enhancing Taiwan's Startup Ecosystem. By pushing ahead with the action plan, the government has further reinforced Taiwan startup ecosystem through the facets of capital, talent, regulation, and market. As creating a unified identity system for startups in Taiwan is one of the Plan’s implementation measures, the National Development Council (NDC) began to forge the national startup brand and overall image for the startup companies based in Taiwan.
Since October 2018, the NDC has organized some 10 meetings and/or workshops, consulting and exchanging ideas with over 100 Taiwan startup communities, teams and opinion leaders in order to explore the DNA of Taiwan's innovation and entrepreneurship, which would in turn serve as the basis for the brand positioning and image. The NDC also consulted other government agencies such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Economic Affairs on branding. By extensively collecting and analyzing opinions and information over the course of a year, the NDC has worked out a consensus in terms of the general perception of brand image as well as expectations for the brand’s future development. The NDC and the Taiwan startup communities have jointly built up the Taiwan national startup brand, Startup Island TAIWAN. 


Concept and Vision
Taiwan is not a large country by area, but it is rich in culture, history, and ecology. It is a society of diversity, tolerance and freedom. In Taiwan, almost everyone has entrepreneurial DNA, and everyone dares to dream. Taiwan has long been an important partner in the global hi-tech industries, and quite many entrepreneurs have built their business empires on the island from scratch. We are proud of our glories both past and present, and we believe that these successes will be inherited by the new generation of entrepreneurs. As many innovative and creative ideas are taking root on the island, our startup teams will continue to confront all kinds of challenges with courage, and turn their dynamism into unlimited possibilities.
Startup Island TAIWAN symbolizes a journey from a startup island to the international arena. It demonstrates to the world the strong ambition and capabilities of Taiwan startup companies as well as their intention and ability to contribute to other startup ecosystems around the world. We believe that Taiwan startups could contribute to the world with innovation. Supported by national resources, Startup Island TAIWAN could provide greater leverage for Taiwan startups to go global, and make Taiwan a destination of innovation and entrepreneurship for startups all over the world.
The logo of Startup Island TAIWAN displays an image of the island through mountains and their reflection in the ocean. The image also symbolizes infinity and DNA, which reflect the unlimited dynamism that Taiwan startups possess and the entrepreneurship that exists in the genes of Taiwan’s people. As for the auxiliary designs which correspond to the four colors of the logo, the images of mountains and the ocean depict Taiwan’s difficult terrain, where mountains lie close by the sea. They also symbolize the adventurous spirit and perseverance of Taiwanese entrepreneurs. The dancing butterfly represents Taiwan's cultural diversity while the light bulb suggests Taiwan's endless creativity.
Guidelines for the Use of the Brand
Please read these guidelines carefully before downloading and using the logo of Startup Island TAIWAN.
Ⅰ. The Taiwan national startup brand Startup Island TAIWAN aims to showcase the dynamism of Taiwan’s startups to the world, and help Taiwan's startups expand into global markets. Both the public and private sectors are welcome to use the brand for their startup events and activities including international exhibitions and conferences, business visits or matchmaking, promotion and marketing, and reception of international guests. Nevertheless, the brand does not endorse or guarantee the quality and/or legality of any product, service, company, organization, channel, or specific subject.
Ⅱ. Companies, organizations, institutions, individuals believing in the spirit of Startup Island TAIWAN shall respect the brand ownership and intellectual property right of National Development Council, and follow the terms and conditions listed below when using the brand:
  1. The brand’s logo shall only appear in the following three standard combinations. Please feel free to use any of the combinations as is when needed.
  2. Please consult and comply with the Startup Island TAIWAN VIS Guidebook when duplicating, resizing, changing colors, or placing the brand’s logo, so that the brand is always in consistency when displayed in different locations or under any circumstances.
  3. Use of the brand may not violate good morals, damage Taiwan’s reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship, damage the reputation or rights of any government agencies, or harm Taiwan's overall image.
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