12 Key Strategies

“Taiwan’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050” has been announced on March 30, 2022. The pathway is based on the four major transformations of "energy, industry, life, and society" and the two major governance foundations of "technology research and development" and "climate legislation", and supplemented by "12 Key Strategies".
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    1. Phased Goals and Actions Toward Net-Zero Transition
    2. 01_Wind Solar PV (draft)
    3. 03_Innovative Energy (draft)
    4. 04_Power Systems Energy Storage (draft)
    5. 05_Energy Saving (draft)
    6. 06_CCUS (draft)
    7. 07_Carbon Free Electric Vehicles (draft)
    8. 08_Resource Recycling and Zero Waste (draft)
    9. 09_Carbon Sinks (draft)
    10. 10_Green Lifestyle (draft)
    11. 11_Green Finance (draft)
    12. 12_JustTransition (draft)
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