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My data, my control. The trial run of MyData platform has started!
In order to promote the autonomous use of personal data, National Development Council has established the "personalized digital services platform (MyData) " (https ://mydata.nat.gov.tw), so that people can download and use personalized data on their own and single time agree to transmit them to third parties to obtain the precise digital services. The trial run of this platform officially started on 29th July, 2020. When people log on this platform, after identity verification and personal consent, they can download their personal data from relevant government agencies while taking into account personal security and privacy protection. MyData platform consists of three service modes:
  1. Download personalized data
  2. Paperless certificates for counter services
  3. Online service applications using MyData
Frist, download personalized data: autonomously download and use the personalized data stored in government agencies.
 After verifying users’ identity and the consent of data downloading through the platform, the users can download and use their own personal data from the data providing agency (such as the Ministry of the Interior). Currently, they can download 31 personal data sets, such as household registration data set, national ID image, cadastral and the prices data set, labor insurance status data set, property data set, personal income data set, and car registration data set, etc.
Second, paperless certificates for counter services: Use digital files instead of paper certificates to apply for services.
In addition to carrying relevant documents and materials to the counter for applications, the public can also download personal data through this platform and generate a corresponding barcode, then deliver the barcode to the counter staff, who can access the downloaded personal data accordingly and proceed the application process. Currently, there are 13 convenient counter services provided by local governments, such as Taoyuan City, Hualien County and Chiayi County, which accept personal data from MyData to replace the paper certificates.
Third, online service applications using MyData: through online real-time consent to the use of personal data to obtain precise services.
     After downloading personal data from the data providing agencies through the MyData platform, the public can immediately agree to online transmit those data to other public or private sectors (institutions) for personalized services. Currently, there are 40 services provided by  Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic Affairs (including the Taiwan Petroleum Corporation), the Financial Supervisory Committee (cooperate with 7 banks), Taoyuan City , Hualien County, Yunlin County and Chiayi County governments. People can experience more personalize services – because they are more convenient, faster, easy to use, accessible and trusted.
  To protect personal privacy, this platform does not store people's personal data. The people only single time agree to download, but not permanently agree to data access. They also can query personal data usage histories on the platform to know the flow of their personal data. Meanwhile, as to improve data security protection, personal data transmitting between this platform and agencies (institutions) are encrypted during the transmission process and data files generating. This platform has passed the ISO27001 in 2020 to ensure that the platform meets the requirements of international information security standards.
Contact Information:
Ming-Fen Chuang, Deputy Director General, Department of Information Management

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