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Promote Open Data Act: Build up the new era of sharing data
To welcome the new era of digital economy about data driven, National Development Council (NDC) has initiated the deliberation of Open Data Act. The proposal of the draft is expected before the end of 2020. Currently, it is administrative order that regulates our government open data which contains the essential concepts like machine-readable, open format and open licenses. The Executive Yuan and its subordinate agencies are the primary regulated subjects. With the elevation of the statutory rank, the formulation of the act will be wished to connect the new technology, revitalize data applications, and strengthen the data-driven innovation as well as digital governance.
This year, NDC promotes Open Government Data Maximization Policy and encourages each agency to open data positively. Take the government procurement data that the public concerns the most for example, Public Construction Commission of Executive Yuan has released “Directions for Data Acquisition in Government E-Procurement System” in September. The public can obtain related government procurement data through applications. The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) opened by Ministry of the Interior can present no matter the beautiful views like peaks of Jade Mountain (Yushan) or Taroko Gorge in stereograms and 3D printing models. The data analysis businesses even use it with value-added application to calculate the telecommunication affected by terrain and offer telecom service providers the reference to establish improved equipment.
The government agencies also realize that using data can enhance the efficiency of governance and provide a more precise as well as reliable service for the public. For instance, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Health and Welfare together promote “Plan for Accommodation of Senior Citizens” and use data prediction to help senior citizens to live in the residences with easy access. At the same time, governments can also accurately provide the service and actively take care of the disadvantaged, which is approved by residential Hackathon. Financial Supervisory Commission uses related mortgage and industry fund data on Open Government Data Platform with value-added application to help people consult the conditions of signing contracts conveniently. As for the “AirBox” operated by local governments, Academia Sinica and private technology companies, it can detect data like temperatures, humidity and PM 2.5 to provide immediate search of air quality for the public. 
To provide high-value data consistently for all walks of life, NDC collaborates with every agency to optimize data quality. Among 43,700 data, the rate of obtaining golden badges about “machine-readable, structured and open format” has increased from 3% last year to 64% this August. It has exceeded 73% up to December, which satisfies the request for easy access. The total users are also 25% increase from last year.
The performance of our open data is outstanding and frequently gains international affirmation. To complete the sharing data application environment, NDC has taken into consideration the open data application laws from advanced countries like European Union, the USA, Japan and Korea. In terms of the type of laws, regulated subjects, high-value data categories as well as liability exemption and incentives for civil servants, NDC researches and plans many expert forums and public hearings to make open data strikes the best balance between public interest and industry application with public-private collaboration. 
By facing the digital economy era of big data application and sharing data, NDC has built up the base of maximizing open data. The formulation of the act will take international practice as reference and consider the domestic request of digital development to complete our data system. We have confidence to play the key role of open government data and make efforts to upgrade our open government with private businesses!  

Contact Information:
Gour Tsair Pan, Director General, Department of Information Management


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