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Public Policy Participation Network Platform "Submission Tips" Function is Now Online!

  To introduce creative energy in civil society and to widen the participation of policies, starting from now you can make a proposal at the "Submission Tips" domain. We planned a six-month pilot period for "Submission Tips" and in order to circumspect the propose process, when the establishment of the seconding cases has totaled 10 cases, the “Establish New Proposal” service will be temporarily suspended. The proposal at the seconding stage will continue proceeding for seconding.

  Because the case is in the pilot phase, we will depend on the familiarity of participation of citizens with the platform and the extent seconding to timely review and adjust procedures and thresholds, in order to further build the perfect expedient proposal mechanism and strengthen the innovation and communication of policies.

  Also as a reminder, in case of national elections, the proposal function will be suspended 75 days before the election; the seconding function will be suspended 30 days before the election. Therefore, the “Submission Tips” proposal function will be suspended starting from November 2nd, 2015, the seconding function will be suspended starting from December 17th, 2015, and will be re-opened on January 18th, 2016.

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