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The NDC aims to be a policy-planning and coordinating headquarters for the mapping out of national development strategies.
The NDC is to act as the main policy-planning agency of the Executive Yuan, which is charged with the tasks of planning, designing, coordinating, reviewing and evaluating the nation’s overall development. Acting from the perspective of overall planning of sustainable national development resources, the NDC uphold the ideals of “boldly pursuing innovation, intrepidly breaking down barriers, striving for excellence in action, and increasing efficiency.” Coordinating the implementation of major policies for economic, social, industrial, manpower, land and political governance, it will work to open up new horizons for national development in tune with the rapid changes occurring internally and externally.
Guidelines for Policy Implementation
  Engage in forward-looking planning
  - Planning national development related policies in a forward-looking orientation toward national sustainable development.
  - Maintaining a close understanding of domestic and international conditions, as the basis for formulating and proposing strategies for economic revitalization and social development.
  Forge a vigorous economy
  - Steering forward adjustment of the economic structure and speeding up industrial innovation and transformation.
  - Carrying out regulatory reforms and promoting internationalization of the business environment.
  Build a just society
  - Planning and promoting social development policies closely in tune with public opinion, reducing the wealth gap, and ensuring the economic security of all citizens..
  - Conducting manpower development related planning so as to achieve more efficient utilization of manpower resources.
  Foster sustainable land development
  - Promoting regional and offshore island development to strike a better interregional development balance.
  - Conducting land planning and related plans for land restoration to promote sustainable use of the nation’s land resources.
  Enhance public governance
  - Strengthening performance and information management to optimize synergy in the management of policy implementation.
  - Improving government service quality and procedures to increase service efficiency and efficacy.