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New Role.New Priorities

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Ⅰ. New role of the National Development Council (NDC)

1. NDC with macro perspective

Sustainable national development should pursue inclusive growth. Economic growth is not the only priority; environmental sustainability and social justice also need to be attended to, so that people from all sectors of society are able to participate in the process of economic growth and enjoy the fruit of it.

In September 2015, the United Nations announced the “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” (also known as Agenda 30), and laid out the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with 169 corresponding targets to be met by 2030. SDGs aim to mobilize global efforts to promote economic development, quality of life, human resources and education, infrastructure, distributive justice, green energy development, climate change, sustainable development of land resources, and so on.

Recognizing that pursuing comprehensive national development and inclusive growth is an important global trend, NDC will strengthen our capability for holistic policy planning, and make every effort to stimulate domestic economy, while paying attention to social justice and environmental sustainability. We hope that by bringing about in-depth reform and evolution, we can create a nation with fairness, justice, and inclusiveness, and have a better future to the next generation.

2. NDC to strengthen execution efficacy of the Administration

Without implementation, even the best policy eventually becomes an empty talk. From now on, NDC is to beef up our efforts to coordinate with, integrate resources of, and assist all ministries to fully implement the seven expectations for the new cabinet set by President Tsai, including: to accelerate implementation of the "5+2 industrial innovation program" which is vital to the transformation of Taiwan’s industrial structure; to efficiently implement the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, so as to spur investment growth across the board; to enhance worker safety and benefits, and preserve needed manpower levels and flexibility during the ongoing economic transformation process; to make a concerted effort to implement the plan to transform the energy industry in order to ensure a stable power supply and make Taiwan a nuclear-free country; to carry through with tax reform, and complete the reform programs already underway; to accelerate implementation of our long-term care and childcare programs, and actively respond to the trends toward demographic ageing and a lower birth rate; to enhance the government's overall plan for national development and to effectively manage program implementation and budget performance, and reduce fiscal waste.

NDC aims to strengthen the execution efficacy so that people feels the good results of the Administration’s efforts.

3. NDC with a down-to-earth mentality

Policy formulation and implementation must stay close to the public opinion. To achieve this, NDC is to:

  • strengthen the existing public opinion channels, such as the Public Policy Participation Network Platform, to encourage people to participate in the discussion of all kinds of public policy issues;
  • pay close attention to the trends of the public opinion, in order to timely reflect them in the process of policy formulation;
  • conduct continuous reviews and adjustments of existing policies by establishing feedback mechanisms;
  • go out of the office and go into the public for better understanding of people’s demand.
Ⅱ. Major Tasks in 2019

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