Price Stabilization Measures


Price Stabilization Measures

1. Upstream: Stabilizing prices of imported bulk commodities and farm-gate prices of agricultural products
(1) Dynamically reducing tariffs on bulk commodities, or exempting from business tax
(2) Limiting price rises of some state-owned enterprise products
(3) Keeping track of daily movements in farm-gate and wholesale prices of agricultural products

2. Mid-stream: Reducing transportation costs,and strictly investigating cartels
(1) Subsidizing oil used by farmers and fishermen
(2) Conducting cost-price analysis on benchmark products
(3) Strengthening investigation of mid-stream cartels or illegal hoarding

3. Downstream: Monitoring market prices, setting up special anti-inflation areas, and strictly punishing illegal hoarding or price gouging
(1) Stabilizing market prices of agricultural products
(2) Setting up mechanisms for checking market prices
(3) Setting up special anti-inflation areas in stores, and working in coordination with businesses to fight inflation together
(4) Strengthening the investigation of cartels, illegal hoarding and price gouging

4. Supporting measures

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