Regulatory Reform Center


The mission of the Regulatory Reform Center (RRC) at the National Development Council is to promote regulatory reforms. The Center, headed by a director, is composed of 3 divisions, and carries out research, planning, and coordination for regulatory reforms related to national development of interdisciplinary issues, promotes and manages regulatory and institutional reforms, and regulatory reform projects related to national competitiveness; administers regulatory reforms for the improvement of investment environment, facilitates international cooperation on regulatory reform issues, promotes Regulatory Impact Assessment and its capacity building, prepares the NDC’s annual legislative plans, analyzes and advises on application and interpretation of laws, reviews and amends laws, and handles petitions, national compensation cases, and other matters concerning the authority of the NDC.


The functions of each division or unit are as follows:


Division of Regulatory Reform:

1. Initiating regulatory proposals for doing business reforms
2. Inter-ministry coordination for doing business reforms
3. Evaluation of the doing business reforms by relevant government agencies
4. Promotion and management of regulatory reform projects for national competitiveness


Division of Business Regulations:

1. Collecting and analyzing deregulation recommendations from all sources
2. Initiating proposals for regulatory reform and deregulation mechanism
3. Evaluation of ministerial regulatory reforms
4. Research, planning, and coordination of inter-disciplinary regulatory reform projects


Division of Legal Affairs:

1. Preparation of annual legislative plans, and clarification of uncertainties about the application of laws under the NDC's jurisdiction
2. Interpretation of laws, and handling petitions and national compensation cases
3. Promotion and consultation of capacity building for introducing Regulatory Impact Assessment
4. Coordination for review and amendment of laws, and other legal affairs


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