Chronicle of Events

The issue date Subject
  1. “2023 Overall Economic Situation” submitted to the 3841st Executive Yuan meeting.
  2. NDC promulgated the amended “Direction for Counseling and Governing the Private Equity Funds to Promote Investment in Industry”.
  3. The 106th NDC council meeting was held (physical and video conference).
  4. Minister Kung Ming-hsin attended “2023 Deloitte Future Talk” hosted by Deloitte Taiwan.
  5. Minister Kung Ming-hsin attended “Google Hatcher Day”.
  1. Stipulated and announced the  “Fine Determination Criteria for Violations of Act on Promoting Transitional Justice or Political Archives Act”.
  2. Draft of “Special Act for Enhancing Post-pandemic Economic and Social Resilience and National Sharing Economy Results” summitted to the 3837th Executive Yuan Meeting.
  3. Minister Kung Ming-hsin chaired the 9th Meeting of the five Ministers’Population and Immigration Enhancement Policy.
  4. NDC held the 8th meeting of the Executive Yuan Open Government National Action Plan Taskforce.
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