Minister and Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister Yu, Chien-Hwa
Deputy Minister
Yu, Chien-Hwa
Education:Sep. 1978-Jun. 1982
B.Sc., Department of Electrical Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University
Sep. 1993-Jun. 1995
M.Sc., Department of Industrial Engineering, Chung Hua Polytechnic Institute
Sep. 2011-Jun. 2013
M.Sc., Department of Recreation and Leisure Industry Management, National Taiwan Sport University
Sep. 1996-Jun. 2003
Ph.D., Department of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University
Experience:Dec. 1993-Jul. 1994
Director General, Bureau of Construction, Hsinchu City Government
Jul. 1994-Jul. 1997
Director General, Bureau of Environmental Protection, Hsinchu City
Jul. 1997-Nov. 2000
Director General, Bureau of Construction, Taoyuan County Government
Nov. 2000-Sep. 2005
Director General, Bureau of Transportation, Taoyuan County Government
Sep. 2005-Feb. 2008
Counselor, Office of the President
Feb. 2008-Aug. 2011
Deputy Director General, Bureau of High Speed Rail, Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Aug. 2011-Dec. 2014
Deputy Mayor, Hsinchu City
Dec. 2014-Jun. 2016
Secretary General, Taoyuan City Government
Jun. 2016-May. 2020
Deputy Mayor, Taoyuan City Government
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