Digital Opportunity

2014 Individual/Household Digital Opportunity Survey in Taiwan

   The objectives of this research are to examine and analyze digital opportunity at an individual/household level; identify the differences in information access opportunities, information literacy, and ability based on different social and economic positions, characteristics, and family backgrounds; in addition, the objective is to determine if such differences affect the livelihoods and employment of individuals. The survey results are also compared with international indicators to comprehensively understand the development of digital opportunities in Taiwan.

   The 2014 Digital Opportunity Survey for Individuals and Households was compiled by conducting an in-depth telephone survey from July 14, 2014 to August 29, 2014, Aged 12 and over in typical households were selected as survey subjects. A total of 13,262 valid samples were obtained from the telephone survey, in 95% confidence interval the sampling error is between ±0.9%.

   The survey indicates that aged 12 and over who have experience in using the internet incrase from 2005 62.7% to 2014 78.0%. if we translate into number of people, 16.31 million Internet users over the age of 12.Besides, 91.5% of internet users have used wireless or mobile internet which grow rapidly in 14.9% comparing with the rate of last year, 76.6%. 84.9% of internet users over the age of 12 in Taiwan own smartphones. For the first time, the smartphone ownership rate exceeded that of desktops..

   The gender differences in digital opportunity, 82.7% of males aged 12 and over have used a computer higher than females 76.0%. In observing the computer usage among different generations in Taiwan, we found that over 97% of people between the age of 12 and 39 who are also digital natives have used computers and the internet; the percentage of computer/internet usage among those aged 40 or over (a.k.a., “digital immigrants”) decreases with age.


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