Smart Government Action Plan (since 2019 to 2020)

The core idea of planning Smart Government is “Based on data, establish a public-private governance model for the next stage to increase the trust between government and people”.

Through our study of Smart Government promotion experiences of foreign advanced countries and comparison to the present development situation in Taiwan, “digital identity verification mechanism”, “cross-agency data sharing mechanism”, “strengthened cyber security” and “end-to-end online government services” were summarized as the priorities for Taiwan to develop Smart Government.

The planned content of Smart Government includes two major fundamental infrastructures:” Full replacement for New eID by 2020”, “Establishment of a reliable and secured data exchange network”; accompanied by three major goals: “Open and transparent data, maximize added value”,” Chained governance network, optimize quality of decision making” and “ Integrated services functions, create innovative smart services”; “Building a regulatory adjustment platform”, “Implementing supervision on privacy protection”, “Strengthening cyber security protection” are the three supporting measures. The aim is to maximize the openness and transparency of government data, encourage citizen participation and social innovation, optimize the quality of governance and decision making, and provide various innovative smart services.

The NDC will set up a comprehensive action plan to coordinate the implementation of all ministries and departments, with the aim of achieving full issue of New eID by 2020, all-dimensional smart services, shortening administrative procedures, reimbursement without attaching paper receipts, allowing 80% of applications for government services to be completed online and launching referendum electronic voting (not online voting), to demonstrate the results of policy.
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