Background and Definition

    Transparency and improving public involvement on public policy issues have been embraced and promoted by governments across the world. Moreover, the government open data enhances the circulation of information among agencies, improves the efficacy of policies and fulfills public needs, thus to make it possible for the public to better supervise the operations of government. With the arrival of cloud computing and mobile services, by giving the finite nature of government resources, making full use of the boundless creativity of the civilian, integrating use of government open data, promoting the value-added application of open data and developing convenient cross-agency public services are important focuses in stage four of the Executive Yuan’s promotion of e-government.
    Based on a resolution passed at the 3322nd Cabinet Meeting, open data can improve government transparency, enhance the quality of life of citizens and meet the needs of industry; it can also clearly facilitate an improvement in the quality of decision making between different levels of government or between government agencies, showing its importance. Indeed, departments should consider, from the perspective of the public application, the needs of end users and also, when planning, consider the necessity of a machine reading interface. In the future, agencies under the Executive Yuan will use utilize “open data for public and enterprise use,” “free of charge in principle, charges as the exception,” “large volumes of data, automatically and systematically released and exchanged,” with four focus strategies to promote open access to government data – “proactive opening, prioritizing people’s livelihoods,” “drafting open data standards,” “promoting a shared platform (” and “demonstration advocacy and service promotion.”
    The categorization of open data gives priority to convenience and enhancing quality of life, for example, food, medicine, housing, transportation, entertainment, employment, culture, economic development, quality of life, etc. Opening of government data can promote cooperation between government agencies and the private sectors as well as service innovation, creating a win-win-win scenario for the public, government and business.
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