As the environmental changing with globalization and the rise of digital citizenship, creating Public Value of IT (PVIT) through digital government services has become an indispensable element to introduce innovative government services and to enhance the national competitiveness of Taiwan. The promotion of e-government in Taiwan has had impressive results that have been affirmed by international organizations over the years. Now we are transferring e-government to digital government, and toward the Smart Government with the emerging technologies over the next decade.
In order to continually promoting policy research that combines theory and practice to support the ideology of placing people as the core of  “Smart Government” services, proactively uncovering and resolving problems of the people, and creating public value through a vision based on “convenience, efficiency and 24 hours a day all year round,” the National Development Council (NDC) has outsourced to establish a Taiwan E-governance Research Center (TEG, which seeks to systematically develop evaluation indices and databases of E-government / digital government-related planning, as well as promote a wide range of e-governance collaboration and international cooperation and alignment (research content and objectives of the program are detailed in the diagram below). This approach seeks to boost the administrative dynamism, and reshape the service processes of smart government, thereby enhancing public trust and satisfaction.
Taiwan's E-governance Project - Research Content and Objectives
Program Tasks - In Brief:
1. To combine theory and practice in surveying and analyzing e-governance and smart government , while also tracking long-term policy changes and impacts in different countries, to enhance Taiwan’s ability of planning with e-governance and improve the quality of policy planning.
2. To systematically build a trans-national network society advancement database; continually to record the performance and development of digital government in Taiwan; develop a network platform and knowledge sharing mechanisms ;enhance exchange and interaction in the area of e-governance experience.
3. To provide support for international communication and cooperation in the field of digital government, promote experience sharing, establish international connection and enhance Taiwan’s international cooperation in the field of digital government, as a way of raising the nation’s international profile.
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