Digital Government Master Plans

In response to Taiwan’s current socio-economic background, international development situation and to enhance work related to data release and re-use according to the President’s policies and the Executive Yuan’s "Smart Government Action Plan" , the "Digital Government Program 2.0 of Taiwan" (2021-2025) continues to support government promotion of digital transformation,every action of digital government promotion is enhanced to embrace a vison of digitization and “people first” and display our government’s determination to promote digital governance in future.

Program objective
Objective 1 - Speed up data release, drive data re-use
This program will promote operations related to the legalization of open data to maximize data volume, at the same time, raise the value and quality of government's open data set; as well as integration of data format in the direction of Application Program Interface and machine readability, survey of the needs of the pubic and agencies that are revealed by data use should be enhanced. Data re-use emphasizes active re-use and establishing principle regulations for application, authorization and fee collection, and requiring that government agencies implement them and implement the proceduralization of data re-use, ultimately promoting data high interoperability sharing and use in the public and private areas.

Objective 2 - Actively use people’s livelihood data
The main mission of the program is to solve problems related to people’s lives; through clarifying governance issues or focuses of public opinion, then setting issues that are awaiting resolution or pre-setting the value to be created; as well as confirming the scope of analysis, data requirements and analysis methods, carrying out cross-data articulation and connection correctness; through connecting cross-agency and cross-operation data, using the decision making aid of analysis methods and algorithms, then using geographical maps to visually support administrative focuses and effects, setting government administrative actions based on evidence.

Objective 3 - Combine with public governance and digital technology to create new government services
The program will connect to government operational processes on the online data transmission foundation of T-Road platform and will compliance use people’s personal data through the MyData mechanism, enhancing services in various aspects of people’s lives; and, in combination with Multiple digital identity mechanism, simplifying application processes for the public, through smart application enhancing models for serving the people and using blockchain to increase trust between government and people and provide them with better services and experiences.

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