Chief Information Officer Forum-Local Government

The NDC holds regular Chief Information Officer Forums - Local Government to promote the development of smart government and strengthen inter-agency horizontal ties. These include special project reports, seminars etc. where those involved in information related affairs can exchange ideas and share experiences. As such it is an effective channel and collaborative operational mechanism to maintain good partnerships. Through such meetings, successful practical experiences at local government level are used for benchmark learning; sharing on different data related issues and discussions provide local governments with an opportunity to observe and learn from each other, as a reference for the future planning and allocation of data resources.
Forums focus on policy objectives and technological trends. Examples of themes include “mobile payment promotion,” “service based smart government and digital governance,” “public-private collaboration and smart applications,” “smart government and technology application,” which serve as a reference point for planning of information policy promotion at local and central government level. Local government research and evaluation, and information managers are invited to attend, and each agency can propose discussions, research and mutual help based on practical strategies and execution methods. This deepens local government data capability while strengthening local and central government links, thereby enhancing administrative effectiveness.
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