• The Advanced Action Program for Open Government Data– lead government agencies in the further promotion of open data, establishes a model for the private sector to cooperate with the government in improving government governance and uses data to assist government administration and innovation economy momentum, making Taiwan an international benchmark for government openness.
  • Open Government Data License – These seek to facilitate sharing and use of government data by the public, promoting and activating the government data applications, combining with private sector innovation to improve the quality and value of government data, optimizing the quality of government services.
  • Guidelines for Management of Open  Government Datasets – These seek to facilitate dataset management of open data of the Executive Yuan and its agencies.
  • Guidelines on Dataset Metadata Standards– This enables users to conveniently, efficiently and quickly find the open data they need, ensuring the exchange of different data resources between agencies and value-added data applications.
  • Guidelines for Open Government Data Cross-platform Interfaces – These provide a unified framework and principles so dataset metadata from any open data platform can be simultaneously sent to another open data platform.
  • Awarding Program of Quality Certification and Deepen Application of Open Government Data – These seek to strengthen and sustainably develop open data while enhancing the quality and value-added application benefits of government data. Certification, public voting, and other mechanisms have been planned to encourage agencies to optimize open data operations, with the aim that all agencies will provide high-quality datasets that can be easily used by various circles.
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