e-Gov Portal

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    E-Government Portal ( provides the latest news and activity information for government agencies and divides various government forms and application services into separate categories: birth, child raising, schooling, work, etc. Members of the public can use the e-Government Portal to gain quick access to a wide range of government services.
    Also, to enable unimpeded communication between the government and other circles, ensuring the government is aware of public opinion of policies, individuals are able to make suggestions on how various government services might be improved. The e-Government Portal will reference a wide range of proposals to improve the quality of government services, providing quality public services any time and any place.
    With the development of such new information technologies as artificial intelligence (AI), the e-Government Portal will be based on the progress made by the Smart Government Program, actively assist various agencies to apply to make all their services available online and integrate agency governance data with the e-Government Portal. In this way, the government can proactively provide data and services most likely to be used by the public, facilitating a new smart life.
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