Implementation Results of Initiatives Aimed at Addressing Taiwan's Future Demographic Changes Print Share
Due to the impact of declining fertility rate and a fast-ageing society in recent years, Taiwan’s working age population will reach its peak in 2015 and start shrinking gradually afterwards, while the trend of international migration tends to be the phenomenon of “Outflow of the high-skilled, inflow of the low-skilled”. Thus, future labor supply, both quantity and quality, is an urgent issue needs to be addressed in advance.
The policy aim put forward by the Executive branch is set as “Increasing labor participation rate, coupled by attracting worldwide talents”. On basis of this policy aim, short, medium and long-term strategies has been formulated and further  reported to the President’s Monthly Economic Meeting in Oct. 2014 and Jan. 2015, respectively. The President instructed that concrete achievements should be reported within six months.
The present stage progress report on the projects implemented by various ministries and agencies are compiled, which includes such measures as increasing labor force participation of the middle aged and elderly, increasing youth employment diversification, strengthening recruiting and retaining talents, attracting international young talents, and supplementing blue collar manpower, etc.