Government Services Transformation Program

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The National Development Council (NDC) is responsible for planning, coordinating and promoting action to the government innovative services. In order to improve the service quality, in 1996 the Executive Yuan pushed forward the Program of Improving the Agencies’Overall Quality of Service, and in 2008 it promoted the Innovative Advanced Program of Government Services. In addition, the Executive Yuan has held the Government Service Quality Award, guided government agencies in setting up standard service models, and utilized diverse innovative strategies to provide convenient services to the public. After years of work, government service has gradually become more effective, accompanied by a kind and friendly image, and government agencies have been motivated to use ICT to improve their services.

Following the diversified needs of a changing environment, domestically and internationally, as well as the public service needs of the population, it is only fitting that the government keep abreast of the times. Therefore, on January 9 the Executive Yuan promulgated the Government Services Transformation Program. By focusing on a foundation of effectiveness, quality, and innovation, additionally, incorporating a core spirit of “fairness,” “participation & cooperation,” and “openness & transparency” into the Program. The government agencies are guided to strengthen their inter-agency assistance and cooperation, to eliminate the gap in urban-rural government services and to create a more open government.  

It is hoped that the promotion of this Program will lead the Executive Yuan and its subsidiary agencies and local governments to advance their services and expand their interaction and cooperation with the public, seek to make their services meet the needs of the people and impel government services to an overall enhancement in efficiency.

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