Startup Regulatory Adjustment Platform


The rapid development of the digital economy has led to the rise of various kinds of startup. Many new business models blur the lines between industries, with the result that startup operators face difficulties such as lack of clarity about applicable regulations, not knowing the competent authority or laws that are not clearly defined.  


To help startup operators clarify the applicability of existing laws to new business models, the National Development Council (NDC) officially launched the Startup Regulatory Adjustment Platform ( on October 18, 2017; through a single window, uncertainty about the legal landscape upon which emerging business models will be built can be effectively eliminated. 

Startup operators may file clarification requests through the Startup Regulatory Adjustment Platform (or in writing). The NDC will then bring startup operators and competent authorities together for face-to-face communication, allowing the issues to be clarified and confirming the applicability and restrictions of regulations, to create a quality investment environment to support the development of startups. The handling situation of the requests filed can be openly accessed on the platform webpage. 

From 2020 on, to address regulatory challenges new business models face, the NDC will, instead of making reactive regulatory adjustments, upgrade the function of the platform through a proactive approach that includes studying international best practices in dealing with new business models, developing an optimal legal framework for startups, enhancing inter-agency coordination, and optimizing the regulatory environment that applies to startups, to facilitate the operation of new business models and drive our economic growth.

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