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* Encouraging foreign cruise ships to dock in Taiwan
In an effort to develop more diverse channels for foreign nationals to visit Taiwan, the MOTC recently announced an incentive scheme to encourage cruise ships owned by foreign-registered companies to add stops in Taiwan to their cruise itineraries. It is hoped that including cruise ship passengers in the broadened promotion of Taiwan’s natural and cultural attractions will help in achieving this year’s 6.6 million visitor target, while at the same time boosting business opportunities for ports and nearby cities.
The Tourism Bureau said that, at present, foreign tourists travel to Taiwan mainly by air, but cruise ship travel is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and Asia’s cruise trip market is also gradually heating up. Since Taiwan is surrounded by sea, boasts rich marine resources, and has many ports dotting its coastline, cruise passengers from all parts of the world offer a high-potential source of visitors that Taiwan will actively strive to tap into in the future.
To carry out this purpose, the Tourism Bureau has drawn up a set of directions on the provision of incentives to attract international cruise ships to stop in Taiwan. Under these directions, which are applicable to foreign-registered cruise ships carrying at least 250 foreign passengers, a cruise ship company will be paid a subsidy of US$10~25 for each passenger on a cruise ship that enters Taiwan. Cruise ship companies can submit applications for the subsidy to overseas offices of the Tourism Bureau. For details, please visit the Tourism Bureau’s website at:
In addition to these incentive measures to encourage international cruise ships to stop in Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau will also cooperate with port bureaus and municipal governments of port-adjacent localities worldwide, to provide shows and welcoming ceremonies for cruise ships that come into port, so that foreign passengers can feel the warmth and friendliness of the Taiwanese people as soon as they set foot on shore, and will be more strongly inclined to make subsequent visits to Taiwan.
 The issue date:2012-05-07  
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