Integrated Program to Cultivate, Retain, and Attract Talent Print

Talent is the cornerstone of national industrial development, and with Taiwan currently at the critical point of transforming into an innovation economy while at the same time facing a constantly changing environment and globalized competition, it is crucial that it has professional talent that is able to innovate, synthesize skills, cooperate across disciplines, and have an international perspective.

Taiwan talent development is facing certain problems, such as the training industry not yet being mature, the gap between education and industry needs, young people entering the workplace relatively late or middle-aged and older workers retire too early, and the loss of talent to other countries. In order to resolve these issues, the National Development Council (NDC) brought together the relevant departments in joint discussions and put forth the Integrated Program to Cultivate, Retain, and Attract Talent, presented to the Executive Yuan for ratification on April 29, 2014.