The Workforce Training Industry Development Program Print

     Talent is Taiwan’s most crucial resource for moving from efficiency to the innovation phase of development. In recent years, due to a changing demographic structure and transforming industrial structure, Taiwan has faced problem such as an oversupply of mid-level manpower and gaps between education and skills needed, indicating a particularly urgent need for training to improve the skills of mid-level workers, as well as signaling an opportune moment for the development of the talent training industry.

        Developing talent training services as an industry could be an impetus for the continual advancement of talent and transformation and growth of industry in Taiwan, and the National Development Council (NDC) has therefore proposed the “Workforce Training Industry Development Program”. In this Program, we’ve set three aspects, which are “Strengthening Supply, Developing Demand, and Shaping the Environment”, and these aspects involving eight major strategies and 16 measures. The program was submitted to the Executive Yuan on July 4, 2014 for ratification.